Startup Bootcamp:
2-weeks to traction

The SeedReady Bootcamp is the only program designed to take founders from idea to traction in just 14 days

🔍 Identify your target market
⚡ Define your value proposition
🧪 Test it with real customers

🚀 Get real traction

We’ll take you from an idea, to a proven business opportunity — in 2 weeks

Have you ever heard “Your startup sounds great but we tend to invest in ventures with a little more traction”

On this Bootcamp you will clearly define your market, identify unmet needs, and design a solution that is so good that customers can’t say no… and then you’ll test and iterate the solution.

You might walk into the bootcamp with an idea, but you’ll walk out with TRACTION.

10/10 – unreal stuff. Your speed, execution and process were highly impressive.. your results even better

Logan Leckie

Join the SeedReady Bootcamp

🔥 On-demand video modules.

🦸‍♀️ Daily 1:1 and peer review sessions.

⏱ 2-week programme – go fast or go home!

🧪 Get ready to use frameworks and templates.

🧠 Work with experienced experts who want you to succeed.

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You’re not here to talk about how to do it, you’re here to do it.

The SeedReady Bootcamp is an intense, hands-on programme designed to help you validate your idea, prove the market opportunity, and find your first customers before you build anything.

Here’s what to expect.

✅ Progress

You’ll make more progress in one week than most founders make in six months! The Bootcamp is designed to clearly define your problem/solution so that you can stop wasting time lost in the desert.

✅ Validation

You’ll discover which customers value your idea most, and find out exactly how much they’re willing to pay.

We’ll show you how to quickly attract your target audience for interviews and a framework for making high-value conversations effortless.

More than anything, you’ll validate whether your idea is solving a real problem for your target audience.

✅ Confidence

You’ll gain greater confidence in your solution and be able to focus your efforts on only the features are essential.

The Bootcamp will help you to nail your MVP with a set of killer features people want and are willing to pay for.

✅ Action

Don’t think that it’s going to be an easy 2-weeks, this isn’t a classroom where you’re learning startup theory. We’re going to push you out into the real world and make you work hard on your idea.

The Bootcamp is going to give you proven and repeatable framework for transforming your ideas into a brilliant business — and with our support, you’re going to complete each step.

✅ Support

Being a startup founder is a tough and it can be a lonely experience.

The Bootcamp will keep you connected, challenged, and supported by other founders and expert mentors who understand exactly what you’re going through.

Join a community of equally motivated, bright people in the same boat who can help you to challenge your own thinking, push you to get out and validate your idea, and support you to succeed as a startup founder.

Validate your idea in days and launch your business with confidence

We stop you from wasting time on stuff that you shouldn’t be doing (yet)… Like building product!

First you’ll prove that you can get traction by adding users onto your waiting list — then you’ll build more quickly and launch with confidence.

👆 Believe it or not, this is the secret to how the SeedReady Bootcamp will move your startup idea forward fast!

You might think you’ve found the next unicorn – we’ll help you prove it to investors. We help founders show that they have a solution customers want in less than 2-weeks.

When joining the SeedReady Bootcamp you’ll get:

💥 2-weeks of expert-led training

The Bootcamp syllabus is designed to fit with the demands faced by busy founders. We combine self-paced video modules with live discussions, Q&A sessions, and daily feedback.

🌱 Lifetime access to tools and templates

You’ll be challenged daily with “Learn by Doing” exercises; but you’ll have guidance, support, and the templates, scripts and examples to help you make it happen

🔐 Lifetime access to our community

When you join the Bootcamp, you’ll also instantly unlock access to the SeedReady online community with additional content and connection to other entrepreneurs and experts

💡 1:1 coaching & feedback session

Once you have completed the Bootcamp, your coaches will arrange a 45-minute 1-1 feedback session to clarify the next steps that will help you to build a successful business

A Bootcamp designed to build brilliant businesses — not just products

The truth is, building products is easy – almost every failed startup has one. The hard part is proving the market, getting traction, and identifying a viable and scalable business model.

Over 14-days, the Bootcamp will help you to develop the DNA of your startup and plan for success. You will understand and learn a framework for achieving the critical four-fits of Product, Market, Channel and Model.

Don’t take our word for it

10/10 – unreal stuff. Your speed, execution and process were highly impressive.. your results even better.


Logan Leckie


We received a very simple and structured method to rapidly attract users for interviews, define the value proposition to meet specific user problems and test and validate that with users, all in one week…

Some companies would only do this after launching their MVP, and having several product updates costing thousands. I genuinely feel that if I had started with this method 6 months ago, I would most likely be at least 3 months further ahead than where I am now….

If you want the fastest way to validate a problem, design a value proposition, validate with users and design your business model, burning as little runway as possible, then use this method.


Stephen Lewin

Founder, Get My Equipment

A clear understanding of our target customer, a better understanding of the product we should be building, and new ideas of features that would be beneficial to our customer… It’s well worth undertaking this course before you spend any time or money on your product.


Luc Gibson

Founder, TRACX

I did not realise how tangible the programme would be… Each day was suitably challenging to make it feel valuable and ultimately coming out of it 100% more confident than going in…

In one week you will move your company forward more than anything else you can do. By the end of the week you will have nailed how to execute your business strategy, and have the confidence to make it happen…

I now have a carefully vetted and oversubscribed beta community who are eager to be involved with the development of the solution; real customer data, that was elicited in a professional way that has helped me focus from six main features down to two killer features that everyone wants; and a completely new outlook on how to bring the solution effectively to market.


Tony Payne

Founder, Recruitment Tech Startup

We were working on our businesses in real time and with real customers. Everything had real, tangible benefits that moved the company forward.

One great example was the method of iterating on the product, which probably moved the company forward 12 months in about 3 hours.


David Mark

Founder, Brokit – InsurTech

Not all ideas should have time invested in them. The quicker you find out if your idea has legs the better as it will save you time, money and heartache. SeedReady helps you lay the foundation, answer whether or not your idea has the market and interest to succeed. The program doesn’t just help you know what questions to answer but also links you in with people who can help you answer them


Dash Tabor

Founder, TUBR

Meet your coaches

Darren Ball

Darren has been helping founders and early-stage startups since 2013, most recently as Chief Product Officer for CoGo, a sustainability startup that is now a leader in their space. Previously, at Mubaloo and Accenture he worked on dozens of new products for startups, SMEs and FTSE 100 businesses, and worked together with JP to build Mubaloo’s mobile product consultancy from scratch.

JP Luchetti

JP was previously a Board Director at Mubaloo, and a founder at IPH – a mobile development agency in Argentina with offices in Miami and Mexico. He has worked on hundreds of new products for startups, SMEs and FTSE 100 businesses, like Maersk, Hermes, National Express, HBO, ESPN, Coca-Cola and GE.

Bootcamp FAQ

What does your life on the Bootcamp look like?

The Bootcamp runs over 2-weeks and requires 2-3 hours per day to achieve the best results. We have a daily stand-up to offer support and feedback. The rest of the day is in your hands, but you will not be alone!

Week 1 – Monday

🎥 Defining Your WOS (Who-Outcome-Struggle)


🎥 How to Screen Potential Customers

📝 Iterating your WOS


🔎 Customer Recruitment

🎥 Introduction to “The Red Button Method”


🔎 Customer Recruitment

📝 Applying “The Red Button Method” to your idea


🔎 Customer Recruitment

📝 Iterating your “The Red Button”

Week 2 – Monday

🎥 Building a Test Wall


👂 Customer Interviews


👂 Customer Interviews

🎥 The Four-Fits of a Brilliant Business


🧪 Post-Interview Analysis


⚡ How to Apply Four-Fits to Your Business

How much does all this cost?

Nothing! Everyone that works on the SeedReady Bootcamp does so on a voluntary/pro bono basis, the idea behind the program is simply to give entrepreneurs a better chance of building a successful startup.

How many hours do I need to plan for each day?

You will need to allocate a total of 2-3 hours per day to get the most from the Bootcamp. While the self-paced video lessons will require no more than 40 minutes per day, you will need additional time to complete the exercises.

What happens if I miss one of the sessions?

All of the sessions are recorded to you can access them in a private section of the community, so you can watch them in your own time. However, you will miss out on opportunity to get 1:1 feedback.

Is this just another “pre-recorded” e-learning course?

Definitely not! We use pre-recorded video modules with LIVE group calls delivered by the team here at SeedReady and our partners, Who’s Fabio.

Who are you?

SeedReady supports early stage founders going from zero to one with their ideas. Together the team have supported hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past 15 years with strategy, growth and capital.

Who’s Fabio? is a London-based team led by JP and Darren. Together, they have +15 years of experience in venture building in a wide range of different industries for startups and corporates and we have distilled what we have learned into a program to help early-stage startup founders make their vision a reality.

Don’t just validate your idea — prove that it’s going to be a brilliant business

Join the SeedReady Bootcamp

🔥 On-demand video modules.

🦸‍♀️ Daily 1:1 and peer review sessions.

⏱ 2-week programme – go fast or go home!

🧪 Get ready to use frameworks and templates.

🧠 Work with experienced experts who want you to succeed.